OUTFIT / Always begin

boxy white shirt  / Ninthsheep
pants  / UNIQLO
handpainted creepers

We love to need. We love to add a relentless list of needs and wants in our lives as if the main goal of our existence is to get more money dumped in our bank account or have  32k followers on Instagram. It could be , of course,  the new 5000 usd worth of shoes on net-a-porter or an 8-dollar vsco cam filter to prettify our photo and be follow-worthy . well this isn't some kind of a borrowed sermon for holy week but I just felt that I have to say a piece about the culture i observe . i spend most of my time reading - interviews, autobiography and more . One thing that echoes in those books is that the truest  essence of life  is built and shaped by moments , not by the money, parties , and the whole shebang. i have lesser now but i am enjoying the fullness it brings:  , less stress, less worries, less pollution since I stay home mostly and less clothes too! i gave most of  them away and my dear friends loved every bit of it.  I've been spending time with more important things now which you'll know very soon. I'm beginning again . Like what I'm wearing. i am a canvas , blank, ready to be drawn once again. that's what we need: beginnings.


  1. Beautiful outfit! Love the all white.

  2. it really all comes down to "less is more", doesn't it? :)

    lovely photos.

  3. I like that what you are saying and I agree with that! I'm curious what is your new beggining. When will we get to know abot this? :)

    1. i 'll be sharing with you soon. more designs from our clothing line .. hehe.. thanks for being so nice Ruby!