OUTFIT / 2015

Geometric neoprene cover up / Ninthsheep
Neoprene tank top / Ninthsheep
skinny pants / TOGA
slides / DIY 

I spent the few hours before the new year in the seaside while enjoying the stillness of the sea and grey pavements. The sun is perfectly concealed in the thick clouds, hence the sea mirroring the grey sky. The shadows were almost non-existent. The  infinite feel of the world above and below is one with each other. What a perfect day to say goodbye to 2014. Happy new year everyone!! 2015 will be amazing. Let's get it!


  1. On point! I'm in love with the neoprene cover up, looks so beautiful with the rest of the outfit.

    Best wishes for 2015!

  2. I love the second photo! :) Good job!