LIFE / January

There exist a different world here in the Philippines where calmness and beauty ( plus fresh air ) subsist.  It's as if I was in a dystopian futuristic sci-fi film marvelling at the new scrne before  me. The best time to visit Nuvali would be in the early mornings of January. The temperature is crisp as you inhale the faint smell of coffee in the air coming from your breath, then from a distance you see handsome dogs going out for a walk with friendly owners and most importantly the sun is being coy and harmless. I can say that the buidings are quite a sight as well. They are minimal and calming to look at. I hope the developers and people would take care of the vicinity. If that's not what you call a perfect day then I don't what is. I am so repeating the images in my head. Total bliss.