COLLECTION / Carly Rosenbrooke

There is something odd and otherworldly in her collection:  The way the exaggerated slouch of sleeves reveals its shape or shapelessness, the sandwiched layers that erect like totem poles in varying lengths, the alien-ness of the frosted pvc paired with the normalcy of the white socks and white derbies , the blend of fabrics that constitute the 3D-ness of it all.. Carly Rosenbrooke 's expressive possibilities are rooted from her strength in Construction and Composition with a strong propensity to minimalism and futurism. I am definitely looking forward more about her upcoming collection and stuff. 


  1. Oh my, this is amazing! I'm especially in love with the two black looks. Incredible!

    1. of course you do.. she is so talented. hugs Sarah!

  2. I love that dress (?) on 4th photo!! Perfection in layers :)