OUTFIT / Maximum

Neoprene tee / Ninthsheep
slouchy pants / vintage Armani 
slides / DIY

This outfit is the perfect definition of holiday. The tee and the shirt is big enough for movement , for concealing fully fed tummies, for quick naps. Who cares about wrinkles and anti-fitting clothes?  I should make a black version of this big tee too since I think big shirts are just an addiction of mine. I was exploring this empty dining hall in the hotel upon awakening. It was perfect and empty! The big windows and high ceilings are very inviting and entrancing. It is a sad part of the hotel I think but the lightness of the facade makes up for it.  I would've frightened a hotel staff if I was seen alone standing lifeless in the early morning , I am sure of that . Wearing all white can be quite a sight. 


LIFE / Z e n

For today's visual meditation : Concrete with a faint spunk of green


SHOP / Totokaelo Style

New fave online store. I could just window "online" shop all-day. Could get some strong style tips too..


SHOES / Converse Rubber

sneakers / Converse

I thought that wearing a Converse sneaker would be the last thing I would do. The last time I wore Converse was in 2008. I loved it at first but after a couple of wear & tear , the canvas gave up. I wear it everyday and I was so sad when it doesn't look okay anymore. I saved 3 weeks to buy that beige sneakers. I even bought a fake one in leatherette but after a week, the defects started to flesh out. So I became a shoe junkie, if you might call it, but Converse was out of my radar for a long while. Then a surprising collection came.Converse released a monochrome rubber collection fall of last year. I just saw the collection in person during Christmas and from then on I was doing mini research about the shoes. Shame that only a few reviews were dedicated for the said collection and after seeing how good a pair looked on bloggers, I went to the mall and tried them myself.   I called at least 9 stores and there are only 2 which carry the white version.

 Part of the influence was mainly because of the resurgence of the sneaker era. The Adrian hi-cut sneakers from ACNE, the delish EYTYS platform sneakers et al. made me fall in love . And let's not forget the iconic branding of Jacquemus which highlighted the power of a white sneaker and white socks. I imagined myself wearing a navy pants with these all-white gum sneakers. Honestly, any color-way and style worked. Of course! I also love that it's easy to clean. The trick is to clean it right away after using so stain won't get clingy. I'm actually waiting for the rain so I could test-drive these. And who am I fooling? I just  love everything monochrome and white. Anything white and squeaky clean nourishes my life source.

P.S. I wish Dr. Martens would release a gum collection too if it's not asking too much.


OUTFIT / mnml + mnl

shoes  / Charlie Oxfords by Deandri
Kimono boxy shirt / Ninthsheep
Culottes / Izzue Hongkong
leather backpack / Eastpak via Menlook.com

These Deandri shoes turned out to be the trickiest among all my shoes. I have lesser shoes now. From what used to be 30 pairs became 11 pairs now. Having lesser shoes would really make you wear each pair like these oxford shoes. I don't hate it but I am not crazy about it either . However I can't stomach the though of giving it or selling it either. It's too special and I love it when it's just in my closet but once I start wearing it , it becomes odd. It makes my posture in a relatively odd stance. It decreases my height sadly and I have to really think hard for the outfit to pair it with. It's not the same with Doc Marten's where you can just literally pair it with anything under the sun. However, a miracle occurred that day. I think I don't have to further explain why but I love this outfit. I still get troubles styling clothes even if I am guided with minimalism. I don't have the perfect model body that's why. I think the outfit was inspired after I researched about Agi & Sam's collection 2 weeks prior. Anyway , I was exploring Manila before classes and work started after the Holidays. I enjoyed the emptiness of the streets so much. An experience I've been yearning  to do for so long.


OUTFIT / Feeling Blue, Feeling Navy

Sometimes the beauty of the photo shines thru using just an iPhone. Lovin this  jacket too much.


COLLECTION / Nicomede Talavera F/W 15

photos: HERO

Nicomede Talavera's collection augmented my desire to have a white Converse! I love everything. First , the hair. Every menswear fashion week , I always check the hair.  I used to hate my high hairline but the beauty / grooming team plus Talavera's vision created a new covetable hairstyle that haplessly only boys with chiseled face could pull off (which doesnt include me). Then the eyewear which is so so Rad. I think this is one of the best for me after Rad Hourani's collab with MYKITA in 2010. The Cutler and Gross-ish style of the specs was treated with a futuristic flair. The long tunic-like shirts created a Future Nomadic look with the culotte pants and pinstriped prints.A true London bloke style that I've always always admired. London Menswear is so full of fire and talent. OMG! 


OUTFIT / Super Crop

boxy crop cover-up / Ninthsheep
Pinstripe hi-waist wool pants / See by Chloe
shoes / Jeffrey Campbell 

Made something out of the left-over material. I thought I needed a crop cover-up for layering. Love the spongy feel , of course. Wearing this reminded me of Jacquemus


LIFE / January

There exist a different world here in the Philippines where calmness and beauty ( plus fresh air ) subsist.  It's as if I was in a dystopian futuristic sci-fi film marvelling at the new scrne before  me. The best time to visit Nuvali would be in the early mornings of January. The temperature is crisp as you inhale the faint smell of coffee in the air coming from your breath, then from a distance you see handsome dogs going out for a walk with friendly owners and most importantly the sun is being coy and harmless. I can say that the buidings are quite a sight as well. They are minimal and calming to look at. I hope the developers and people would take care of the vicinity. If that's not what you call a perfect day then I don't what is. I am so repeating the images in my head. Total bliss.