SHOP / Soma Store

// Manila is an interesting place. They say we have everything in here but I think they're mentioning specifically about retail goods, clothing , affordable shoes and more. One of the good news I've heard this year for independent designers is the opening of SOMA store at Green Sun in Makati. It's a place where you can gather and shop Manila's finest independent brands. During the span of my blogging, I've been adamant in featuring and wearing brands from Independent local labels mainly because it's an experience to patronize from your own. Secondly, most of them are owned by good talented and visionary friends who clearly represent local retail globally. They creatively thrive in this completely competitive market with panache. It's hard to nurse and nurture a brand ,  I should know,  but having a very impressive space of curated awesome labels is a good foundation.

// It's a shame how I failed to visit during the official launch and fashion shows due to the bad weather.  I dropped by Soma an hour before closing so it was quiet yet it was also a perfect moment to marvel at the energy that every label possess. What happened there too was a reunion with friends ( hello Paul Jatayna and Willar Mateo!! ) Every brand has a unique stall : an impressive and modern presentation of goods, minimal racks, and quirky interiors which doesn't compete with the store's general character which I truly love. I am so proud that Manila has this space. We are not blind how the independent labels in Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia are embraced tremendously by patrons , even so,  by the foreign market and I do hope this would be an avenue where people would also appreciate and support the local labels here. You don't have to line up ridiculously to get there. Inside , you can meet the designers as well, take photos with them , chat and enjoy the marvelous store and be part of making the local market grow.

// Brands include NLPZ, Proudrace , OS Accessories, Salad Day , Randolf Clothing, KIRV clothing , Royalty , Basic Movement and I've heard they are including more designers this year. It would be more fun to discover the place personally so I encourage everyone to drop by soon.


  1. How wonderful. all the displays looks pretty cool and how great for independent designers!

    1. Hi Melissa. do you have something like this in Brazil? thanks so much,. hiope you can visit Manila someday