OUTFIT / Architexture + Watercube

 Quilted pebble tee / Oxygen

My favorite local retail brand released a shirt that speaks volumes about me. It's the perfect timing too,  since having a white shirt that both embodies uniqueness and functionality is a staple among minimalists. This season will be more about soft layers and this shirt can stand alone perfectly. It's not too thick , not too flimsy. And it's created in the most interestingly boxy pattern,  clearly cancelling gender differences. Everyone can wear it. Kat Reyes of Oxygen was sweet enough to tag me when this shirt was released. I bought it because one  I love unique white shirts, two, it's reasonably priced at 600+ something Pesos and three , I can stretch its function for a very long time because it's a TEE. So do yourself a favor and try this shirt and have something interesting in your closet. Wear it like a normal shirt so those people who wear normal shirts will get inspired or jealous (of your shirt)  or both.  I was so surprised when my friend Curves mentioned that my shirt resembles the Watercube of Beijing since I love such strong and remarkable architectures.