His name, an altered -unique version of the common Simon , is a metaphor of his aptness and  peerless panache in design and craft. His vision: A spasmodic break in the norms of tailoring. Novelty is the perfect word , that from an outsider's point of view, one can grasp a tale of what the future brings for the realm of fashion , art and design  and this one isn't even a fictional one. As a lover for wearable alternatives, I see this collection as a potent element of individual style. It perked up my interest and curiosity.  I do not a question  who is it for? where to wear it? is it wearable? On my part,  it was rather a modest probe on how the designer bring forth his vision to materialize the concept. Looking at the patterns , the marriage of fabrics and the tone of proportion , I could say that his experience at Calvin Klein and Phillip Lim as an intern plus his acquired discipline at Parsons were firm foundations that pushed his talent. I was also impressed how the collection was heavily inspired from his trip to Russia. I reckon culture and travel emits a strong influence in designing. Just look at Proenza Schouler , who also pluck their moodboard from time to time via their travels and experiences.  Thoughts become things , they say , and you could only imagine how  the young  Ximon Lee  manufacture those thoughts.