OUTFIT / Geometric Jacket

Neoprene geometric jacket / Ninthsheep
crop pants / thrifted
shoes / Dr. Martens

Cut-outs and deconstruction are interesting when mixed with geometric shapes and angles. This is the second neoprene jacket I made for Ninthsheep and I'm so happy with it. Initially, I was thinking of making a simple plush bomber jacket but when you Google " neoprene bomber jacket" , you'll find a lot out there. So to offer something new , I made this asymmetric cut-out jacket. The pattern was quite challenging but I managed to execute the result I want. I'm planning to make a different sleeve with a white fabric next time. We will see. 

Oh I'm spending too much money on fabrics these days. I can't help it. Well it's for educational purpose so I think it's on the reasonable side still. On the same note, here's Rick with a message:

"First, learn how to make clothes, learn how to make clothes, learn how to make clothes. Don’t do sketches and collages, because that’s bullshit. I mean anybody can do that. You have to learn how to make clothes. And the other thing is, you have to shut up and work and work and work all the time, and produce and produce and produce. And the more you produce, your character or your talent will emerge. For better or for worse, your identity, your personality, your vision, whatever. As long as you work and work and work and make enough things to choose from, you’ll be able to edit something that becomes who you are. It’s so simple. You don’t have to go to parties and you don’t have to meet the right people, you just have to work and work and work and get your stuff out there. You have to go out there and show it to people. You can’t expect for people to come knocking at your door, you have to show it. Kissing somebodies ass isn’t going to really help that much. Your main thing is just to get your work out there..."
— Rick Owens on his rules of becoming a designer;




Bei Kuo S/S 15

Taiwanese designer Bei Kuo released her  Spring/ Summer 2015 that identified her as one of the designers to watch this season. I thought the subtle embossed Japanese characters are clever. The compactness of the  anti-fit silhouette of pants & sweaters turned me on along with the contrasts of matte and iridescence. This is what I envision when the words  menswear and future are mentioned. Statements have been very big for the past few seasons and the emerging designer used phrases like "You Do Not Exist " and "Love Without Heart"  which may seem profound and personal for the designer. Although she may not consider herself as a designer, her vision extends far from the business side all the way to the realm of art and it doesn't require her to be anything loud. Her artistry is her market.


LIFE / White Christmas

 This could be my last Christmas here in the Philippines as I will be moving in with my partner Larrend early next year. So happy to spend the day with my lovely family. They're shy to expose themselves in my blog lol but in my heart I know we had heaps of fun. I was sick that day and all I could remember was my runny nose ruining my makeup. I barely ate but thankfully I took lots of photos for my mom. We booked a hotel for the night and went to a nearby theme park . I was able to snap some for the blog too.


LIFE / Christmas 2014

Wrapping gifts for loved ones in clean white wrapper. I also love the grey felt paper . Instead of glossy ribbons and printed cards, I used a silver clamp to close the fold. No sparkles, No glitters,  No unnecessary extravagance . Merry Christmas , everyone! 


OUTFIT / Architexture + Watercube

 Quilted pebble tee / Oxygen

My favorite local retail brand released a shirt that speaks volumes about me. It's the perfect timing too,  since having a white shirt that both embodies uniqueness and functionality is a staple among minimalists. This season will be more about soft layers and this shirt can stand alone perfectly. It's not too thick , not too flimsy. And it's created in the most interestingly boxy pattern,  clearly cancelling gender differences. Everyone can wear it. Kat Reyes of Oxygen was sweet enough to tag me when this shirt was released. I bought it because one  I love unique white shirts, two, it's reasonably priced at 600+ something Pesos and three , I can stretch its function for a very long time because it's a TEE. So do yourself a favor and try this shirt and have something interesting in your closet. Wear it like a normal shirt so those people who wear normal shirts will get inspired or jealous (of your shirt)  or both.  I was so surprised when my friend Curves mentioned that my shirt resembles the Watercube of Beijing since I love such strong and remarkable architectures.


EDITORIAL / Blanc Magazine

 BLANC magazine : The Anti-Fashion Issue

Cebu-based fashion online magazine did two editorials that is both pleasing to my eyes ( and for you all) and has a strong story value. Vince Crisostomo and Mike Yapching styled the respective editorials of " New Phase " and "Coming Clean" celebrating silhouettes , skin and shapes and I must say they're tastefully  done. Click the link to read the whole issue.


OUTFIT / Big and Small

blazer / H&M
Neoprene Shirt /  FrontRow Shop
trousers / Comme des Garcons
sneakers / Nike
leather backpack / Something Borrowed (courtesy of ZaloraPh)

Although the colors I wore appear as one, I find happiness in experimenting proportions and dimensions. I was inspired heavily by Margaret Howell  and Christopher Lemaire. This is the only coat I own for the moment. I have worn this to client meetings, casual weekends , and unbelievably,  to weddings. Have a great week! 


ART / Concrete Contrast

photos by KWAME

So many talented people in Instagram . One of them is KWAME (@kwvvme) who tastefully captures a powerful story of people, forms and shadows through his lens. I wish we have a lot of handsome  & minimal architectures here in Manila but I observed that most we have here are Art deco, Brutalist and Doric which were made mostly in the past few decades. I haven't seen anything interesting and new lately which frustrates me. So for now, Instagram and books are my solace.