SHOP / Favorite Things + Black Friday Sale

(It would be fun to search the whole site for these items I picked) 

//Me and my boyfriend had a pact that once we started living together in a house , we will be focusing more on making our space a creative abode. There would be industrial chairs, white candles , a chalkboard in the kitchen, coffee table books and beautiful things. There's a huge huge sale at EAstdane today until . Instead of rummaging the apparel section, I , for once, clicked the home and gift items section. Shopping for me lately has been more of gift shopping. I think this activity has shifted from a personal pleasure  to a benevolent act for loved ones. Shopping for others excite me, honestly. Once in a while , i enjoy buying something for my mom or to Larrend. I reckon that at this point, I would feel so guilty if I just went ahead and shopped for myself. 

//Thankfully, Black Friday Sales were invented hence Eastdane's treat for everyone this November . All items are on sale, all brands, everything! Shopping for christmas is a dead giveaway for this occasion. Yes, buy that Margiela paperweight for your dad! Get your boyfriend that classic Calvin Klein underwear so (finally) he could post a hot selfie of himself in that iconic white undies.  Click here for the coupon code

Spend $250= 15% off 
Spend $500= 20% off 
  Spend $1000 = 25% off


  1. Perfection! I need that hat in my life.

    1. thanks Sarah.. oh I notice you do have a penchant for minimal hats