OUTFIT / A form that fits

shirt with leather sleeves /  Stussy
pants / Y-3 
leather boots / custom-made 

Fit is subjective.. I abhor tight fits and anything tight for you is not your fit I guess. It's not the "aha!" kind of fit. I find satisfaction in oversized shapes, shapeless shapes, big sleeves, .. I admit , I felt alienated when I saw myself in the mirror wearing a very fitted shirt and pants. I looked ..err fitted.  fitted to the society's dictates of what guys must wear I should say. But I cannot negate that I love what I saw , but it doesn't feel legit. Oh well, it doesnt abolish your self identity when you step beyond your comfort zone yet still here i am in my "let-loose" mantra of dressing up although ironically these things i'm wearing  are  squeezing my boobies and bum right now.


  1. I totally agree re. fit! I forgot how to wear skinny pants! Re-inventing is fun though. Also i really like your shirt! Xoxo

    1. haha.. tis' the age of culottes! thanks Tina.. it' my boyfriend's haha

  2. Indeed man, I see that its squeezing your bum hahaha
    but this black on black outfit is cool tho. I like the details of your tshirt

    have a nice day :-)

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    Greets Jon

    1. haaha thanks.. in a good way i guess.

      good day Jonathan