OUTFIT / Dose of DIY

Shirt / Givenchy
skirt /  Costume National
pants / Uniqlo
Leather slides / DIY 

Wearing my DIY things in one outfit today. I do DIY's in the past and I realize that most of it are no-brainers. I envy other bloggers who create things with conceptual flair that would make all readers gasp.  So here's the story about the skirt DIY : I was about to sell this Costume National skirt next week. I found that the zipper was damaged and I felt that I wasn't into layering skirts and pants for now.  But as I was folding the skirt back, I had an idea of clipping it over the pants. With the use of 2 bulldog clips, I was able to secure it on the pants. I thought of just sewing it so it'll look like an apron but the idea of detaching it is better. I will show you , guys, I did with an oversized shorts too. A trompe l'oeil realness! So If you have a skirt that won't fit you, one solution is to clip it on the pants and voila, you have yourself a layered bottom. You can explore with long skirts too ala Yang Li. I was feeling high with DIY-ing and I impulsively cut the hem of the pants and the fray effect was amazing. Last but not the least, the star of my shoe closet: My DIY sandals. Why haven't I done this before? I would've made countless variations but for now my eyes are glued on this white slip-on. I love that it's chunky and the strap is wide.