OUTFIT / Boxy Tank Top

 Scuba tank top / Ninthsheep

I found a humble scrap of  scuba fabric lying in my table the other day as i was trying to have my room in a clean decent state.  I thought of doing something out of it instead of keeping them useless inside a bag. i was able to cut a wide square and rectangle fabric out of it. i pinned it together , and before my eyes was an asymmetrical tank top. I can wear it the other way around, with the long bodice in front and the crop as the back part too.I learned from the 90's minimalist designer , Yeohlee Teng, that it is essential to make use of any scraps of fabric in order to minimize the burden of individual wastes. The small rectangular scrap fabric can be a detail or a panel or a collar. You just have to see things through a lens of endless possibilities. 


  1. what a beautiful top! really like the simplicity of it and the design


    1. thanks so much Kathleen. I adore simple yet relevant designs. thanks so much.. i appreciate it
      Good day to you

  2. Good for you bb! Get it done, get creativity out x