LIFE / Pure

He is my living ken doll with mustache. He dresses well and looks ravishing on photos. It is believed that when you capture a photo of a person , you obtain a part of his soul. that entity is forever etched in the photograph. I have thousands of Larrends in my iphone, my computer. His little souls make me happy everyday. I am sharing you some of  his souls in this post. Enjoy.  


  1. I have never EVER imagined MOA to be this photogenic! Wow! Now I can`t wait to take some photos in MOA too lol

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz

    1. Hi JiA. how did you know it's from MOA.. HAHA thanks so much. 10 am is the perfect time!

  2. beautiful series, you can see the love for your muse! xx