DIY / United Nude Repainted

shoes / United Nude 

I never regret buying this fabulous pair. It is engineered and crafted in my own liking. There is geometry, odd shapes and without a doubt, an avant-garde flair. However, I bought it at a time where it was on sale on Solestruck and the time where I kinda veered away from high heeled shoes. Not letting the opportunity drift away, I bought it. When I received it, I noticed the gray leather is distressed ... again it was on Sale. I didn't complain. I wore it with pride , in fact I did when Pelayo Diaz visited Manila for the Bershka opening. Later this year, I feared that the un-pristine leather color will continue and since I am planning to bring it with me to Australia, I brought these babies to a shoe doctor for some color retouch. The grey leather color he use isn't good so I told him to just paint it black. I love it more even! Maybe I would wear it this weekend on the Shoe exhibit at Ayala Museum. Thanks to the curator Brian Tenorio for personally inviting me by the way.