DIY / Monochrome leather slides

Leather slides / DIY

I don't know how Ivania Carpio made it seem that this DIY is as effortless as making a paper plane. Wait , I don't even know how to make one up to now. However, my ardent need of having a no-fuss, chunky , easy slip on pushed me to make one. No biggie. I mean rubber slides are extremely everywhere. When you go outside, you'll definitely come accross to  like 5 guys  or more wearing slides. I have always been seeing the same logo mania slides. The battle of Adidas and Nike lives on including the in-betweeners. There wasn't a sign of discreet and minimal slides out there. Yes, It was easy acquiring the generic rubber slides but making the pattern wasn't as easy as I thought it was. Thankfully I was able to make use of a soft leather since I don't need another leather- blistered foot , thank you very much, The gentle soft leather was a dream. After messing up with the gooey super glue on my clumsy fingers, I was happy nonetheless to have created something. Thankfully the rubber is easy to clean. I do hope it won't get yellow sooner or later.