COLLECTION / Hachi Balmung AW 14

// Designers who cull their deepest inspirations from their culture could only provide us the best bird's eye view of what their world is like. Like Hachi, he particularly condensed the psychedelic hurly burly energy of Tokyo. There's always a sense of recurrence and newness which made me realize that this collection is such. A compendium of repeated elements with introductions to new ones too. That is how consumers think: they want something old and new at the same time. 

From the moment I saw Hachi's teaser on his Instagram , I had to coax him on sending me  the lookbook ASAP. What he did was kind enough. He sent me like 500+ photos of the lookbook and editorial. I would want to show them all here however I wanted to zoom in my favorites and here they are. When I discovered Balmung in 2011, I was perplexed by the limitless exploration of silhouettes and then I realized "wow, big shirts look amazing afterall" and he was one of the influences I look up to. His designs are a marriage of mundane and mystical. The kind of clothes you feel powerful and normal at the same time " Yes it's a hoodie jacket with just some crazy patterns and neoprene patches and oversized sleeves and it's by the great Hachi , thank you very much." 
Please do check his site 


OUTFIT / Weirdrobe

neckpiece / H&M X Margiela
cut-out neoprene tee / Frontrow Shop
Shorts / Giordano
Derby / Dr. Martens

 Finding comfort in this outfit today.. Don't worry I brought my bomber jacket with me once I feel  a surge of coyness during the day. I really could use a lot ventilation , you see. The devil of it all was the heat that I couldn't fathom. In no less than a week  , Christmas season will be here


SHOP / Favorite Things + Black Friday Sale

(It would be fun to search the whole site for these items I picked) 

//Me and my boyfriend had a pact that once we started living together in a house , we will be focusing more on making our space a creative abode. There would be industrial chairs, white candles , a chalkboard in the kitchen, coffee table books and beautiful things. There's a huge huge sale at EAstdane today until . Instead of rummaging the apparel section, I , for once, clicked the home and gift items section. Shopping for me lately has been more of gift shopping. I think this activity has shifted from a personal pleasure  to a benevolent act for loved ones. Shopping for others excite me, honestly. Once in a while , i enjoy buying something for my mom or to Larrend. I reckon that at this point, I would feel so guilty if I just went ahead and shopped for myself. 

//Thankfully, Black Friday Sales were invented hence Eastdane's treat for everyone this November . All items are on sale, all brands, everything! Shopping for christmas is a dead giveaway for this occasion. Yes, buy that Margiela paperweight for your dad! Get your boyfriend that classic Calvin Klein underwear so (finally) he could post a hot selfie of himself in that iconic white undies.  Click here for the coupon code

Spend $250= 15% off 
Spend $500= 20% off 
  Spend $1000 = 25% off


OUTFIT / Lightweight bomber jacket

Lightweight bomber jacket / Ninthsheep
Neoprene tee / Ninthsheep
pants / UNIQLO
shoes / Dr. Martens

Towards the end of august , I bought me some supplies of fabric for future use. larrend and i are planning to create a wardrobe of minimal tops consisting of sweaters, big boxy shirts and cover ups. I realize that ive been stocking up fabrics more than i am utilizing them then one day i said why not start cutting the fabric for a sweater. I've been mentally designjng pieces and the more I stayed on designing, the more i delayed the creating process. The issue of being and doing slapped right in front of me. So i grabbed my scissors and a colored pencil and started on with this black scuba. It's a simple sweater that i turned into a cover up. I cut open the front bodice so it would be a cover up slash bomber jacket and because cover ups are key items hence you can pretty much maximize its use. It is obviously light, making it layer-friendly and it's smart for packing too. I've had heavy coats and jackets for years and i am beginning to realize that you can actually make structured jackets in light materials.  The coat, devoid of any zippers and heavy details, has now become my staple. I found a much thicker scuba fabric and i am thinking of making another bomber in a bigger size soon. So excited for that! 


DIY / United Nude Repainted

shoes / United Nude 

I never regret buying this fabulous pair. It is engineered and crafted in my own liking. There is geometry, odd shapes and without a doubt, an avant-garde flair. However, I bought it at a time where it was on sale on Solestruck and the time where I kinda veered away from high heeled shoes. Not letting the opportunity drift away, I bought it. When I received it, I noticed the gray leather is distressed ... again it was on Sale. I didn't complain. I wore it with pride , in fact I did when Pelayo Diaz visited Manila for the Bershka opening. Later this year, I feared that the un-pristine leather color will continue and since I am planning to bring it with me to Australia, I brought these babies to a shoe doctor for some color retouch. The grey leather color he use isn't good so I told him to just paint it black. I love it more even! Maybe I would wear it this weekend on the Shoe exhibit at Ayala Museum. Thanks to the curator Brian Tenorio for personally inviting me by the way.


LIFE / Pure

He is my living ken doll with mustache. He dresses well and looks ravishing on photos. It is believed that when you capture a photo of a person , you obtain a part of his soul. that entity is forever etched in the photograph. I have thousands of Larrends in my iphone, my computer. His little souls make me happy everyday. I am sharing you some of  his souls in this post. Enjoy.  


OUTFIT / A form that fits

shirt with leather sleeves /  Stussy
pants / Y-3 
leather boots / custom-made 

Fit is subjective.. I abhor tight fits and anything tight for you is not your fit I guess. It's not the "aha!" kind of fit. I find satisfaction in oversized shapes, shapeless shapes, big sleeves, .. I admit , I felt alienated when I saw myself in the mirror wearing a very fitted shirt and pants. I looked ..err fitted.  fitted to the society's dictates of what guys must wear I should say. But I cannot negate that I love what I saw , but it doesn't feel legit. Oh well, it doesnt abolish your self identity when you step beyond your comfort zone yet still here i am in my "let-loose" mantra of dressing up although ironically these things i'm wearing  are  squeezing my boobies and bum right now.


OUTFIT / Boxy Tank Top

 Scuba tank top / Ninthsheep

I found a humble scrap of  scuba fabric lying in my table the other day as i was trying to have my room in a clean decent state.  I thought of doing something out of it instead of keeping them useless inside a bag. i was able to cut a wide square and rectangle fabric out of it. i pinned it together , and before my eyes was an asymmetrical tank top. I can wear it the other way around, with the long bodice in front and the crop as the back part too.I learned from the 90's minimalist designer , Yeohlee Teng, that it is essential to make use of any scraps of fabric in order to minimize the burden of individual wastes. The small rectangular scrap fabric can be a detail or a panel or a collar. You just have to see things through a lens of endless possibilities. 


LIFE / Unifinished but complete

We live each day trying to finish things. Our half empty coffee mug , that raw photo on vscocam, our laundries and all the mundane things and whatnot . It's funny how we wrestle with things everyday to claim it's finished. Since we were small, we have been engrossed to finish small but unrelenting tasks of writing down notes.  However, isn't it calming to strive for completion instead? That unadorned wall and industrial cement wall looked raw , unfinished but the character , so strong and beautiful, evokes a feeling of enough. Or the frayed denim and the unembellished jacket with no zipper jacket, a colorless book or a painted wood. There is always an enough version of everything. You have the power to declare the state of completeness around you . Here are some inspirations .


OUTFIT / Dose of DIY

Shirt / Givenchy
skirt /  Costume National
pants / Uniqlo
Leather slides / DIY 

Wearing my DIY things in one outfit today. I do DIY's in the past and I realize that most of it are no-brainers. I envy other bloggers who create things with conceptual flair that would make all readers gasp.  So here's the story about the skirt DIY : I was about to sell this Costume National skirt next week. I found that the zipper was damaged and I felt that I wasn't into layering skirts and pants for now.  But as I was folding the skirt back, I had an idea of clipping it over the pants. With the use of 2 bulldog clips, I was able to secure it on the pants. I thought of just sewing it so it'll look like an apron but the idea of detaching it is better. I will show you , guys, I did with an oversized shorts too. A trompe l'oeil realness! So If you have a skirt that won't fit you, one solution is to clip it on the pants and voila, you have yourself a layered bottom. You can explore with long skirts too ala Yang Li. I was feeling high with DIY-ing and I impulsively cut the hem of the pants and the fray effect was amazing. Last but not the least, the star of my shoe closet: My DIY sandals. Why haven't I done this before? I would've made countless variations but for now my eyes are glued on this white slip-on. I love that it's chunky and the strap is wide.


CLOTHES / Asymmetric

Neoprene jacket / Ninthsheep

Asymmetric jacket I've been working on. So happy it's finally complete. So perfectly thick and wearable for the cooler months. Will show you a photo of it being worn by me maybe next week. busy busy..