OUTFIT / Season staple

Neoprene top / Lola & Daisies
Pinstripe pants / Zara
white backpack / Tomtop
Chelsea flat boots / Zara

I think my color is navy and white. I find this imperceptible satisfaction whenever i enswathe myself with a white + navy combi. I try to go beyond the boundaries of the commonly used white + black contrasting match  and navy is indeed, a good match with white. I couldn't be happier to see that most  S/S 2015 collection released navy color schemes ( see 1205, Margiela , Chanel et al 's RTW collection). The spongy neoprene tee is from a good friend's clothing label. It's actually a brand for young women but as soon as I spotted the neoprene shirts, I had to get one and to start things right, I got myself the white one. There is magic in it , I tell you. It's spongy and it exhibits a structural stance . I could wear this tee all year round. Same goes with the white backpack, the pinstripe pants and the boots! As with the hairstyle , it's too hi-maintenance.


  1. It's such a good colour combo! And the tee is perfect, the neoprene fabric gives it a boxy shape that is amazing!

    \ Indigo Lights

    1. thanks babe. i wanna see you in white and navy too.. thanks , lovE!