LIFE / Mario Badescu

Before I loved fashion, I was a fan of beauty stuff.. Toiletries, make up , skincare - name it! I 'd save up my week long allowance and by the end of the week , my mom would be stupefied to discover receipts from MAC , Beauty Bar , so on.  Back in college , I had a very very bad case of oily skin and acne and I tried hi and lows. It was a bloody battle. The brand Mario Badescu caught my eye. I wasn't into  the minimalist aesthetic before but the clean packaging combined with its modern, subtle branding had me. To compound, the ingredients are kind of unique and less in number. A true minimalist !  I wouldn't brag so much about my skincare because it's personal and I am still not so proud of my own skin but I love the brand so much. So here I am , happy and excited nevertheless ! The lovely girl from Rustan's Cubao gave me heaps of samples too. 

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