LIFE / Less color , more style

There are people  who think that a closet filled with only white and black clothes offers a very limited range of choices. That is not true. i may not have floral shirts for spring or some tartan pants for fall but i have whites to go with the lightness of the season. During the somber months, i rely on black mostly. I may  have a limited color range but the various style and fabric  is good to cover seasons and my changing moods. My black pants range from skinny to loose , tailored to culottes which I personally think would do great with the majority of what i have. Even the shirts are abundant in its different category too. I have neoprene, leatherette, knits and cotton plus they come in different styles too. I love that I have oversized, regular fit shirts, crop ( for layering) , and my favorite : boxy. So i may look like i wear the same things over and over again ( which i think is a good compliment) but looking closely, each piece is special and unique. Uniform , some would call it but for me - self-expression. Clothes need not to complicate life...and your wallet too!