LIFE / Basic Pattern

A little update : I am exploring the realm of patterns now. I am quite lucky that my aunt has loads of pattern-making book. I am no genius and I still struggle in contemplating the illustrations and ughh mathematics. The following day I got myself some tools. My favorite is the tailor's chalk. I never truly appreciate its existence until now. I am poor at cutting straight lines so this is a very helpful tool. Another one is my set of pins. It really makes the cutting easy and flawless although I have a lot to learn but I am quite enjoying the ride. I do not desire to be super good in a matter of time, I am enjoying the basic and what I love is that I am not into the strict tailoring per se hence I delve more into the oversized ,  blown up patterns and square shapes. This little pattern I made is an oversized sweater with a pentagon shape. The shoulder extends down to the arm with a waist cinching silhouette to fit snugly and create a lovely bodice. I could  even slice the center so it would be a cover up . 


  1. Greets, Nabil ;)


  2. I remember these tiny patterns from school! welcome to the most rewarding/challenging part of fashion i think, cant wait to see what you create!

    1. thanks Cyeoms. i should've taken it seriously, those patterns and tailoring lessons. thanks , love!