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Leather Backpack - CAVA

Backpacks are nostalgic. I used to hate backpacks when I was in Elementary. They're big and bulky and it always make me feel like I'm this sad, miserable turtle. I remember me and my dad were shopping for schoolbags and he was pointing me an old-fashioned backpack which, according to him ,they used to wear in Elementary.I begged him not to buy me those and I got myself a big bag with wheels in red. Regrets. But now I am 27 and I see backpacks in a whole new level. I only have backpacks now and inside them aren't some thick elementary textbooks . Another addition from my humble backpack collection is this wonderful leather backpack from Cava, a local online shop.  I love that it resembles a doctor bag too which made me remember again the cardiologist I used to see when I was a nurse.  Whenever she makes rounds in the floor, she lets the nurses carry her black doctor bag and it's in leather .  Some nurses loathe bringing it as it is really hard to open but I enjoyed holding it and I think I even did asked her where she bought it.  Now I have something I can call my own and it's way cooler than hers I can say. This backpack has a very roomy interior and whenever I wear it, I feel like those chic German schoolboys  circa 1940's . Happy October 1st , everyone!


  1. backpacks are amazing - very stylish and comfortable.
    love this one!
    it's fantastic!


  2. You always find the coolest backpacks!

    \ Indigo Lights

  3. I am still in the look out for a nice back pack, I want one that not only is fashionable but I can take my laptop i nit, so it can't be small, I also want leather. Yours is beautiful xx

    1. aww you should get now.. i'd help you with some selections if u want.. thanks .. this one's a roomy bag I promis..