LIFE / Less color , more style

There are people  who think that a closet filled with only white and black clothes offers a very limited range of choices. That is not true. i may not have floral shirts for spring or some tartan pants for fall but i have whites to go with the lightness of the season. During the somber months, i rely on black mostly. I may  have a limited color range but the various style and fabric  is good to cover seasons and my changing moods. My black pants range from skinny to loose , tailored to culottes which I personally think would do great with the majority of what i have. Even the shirts are abundant in its different category too. I have neoprene, leatherette, knits and cotton plus they come in different styles too. I love that I have oversized, regular fit shirts, crop ( for layering) , and my favorite : boxy. So i may look like i wear the same things over and over again ( which i think is a good compliment) but looking closely, each piece is special and unique. Uniform , some would call it but for me - self-expression. Clothes need not to complicate life...and your wallet too!



Photographer: Mathieu Vilasco\
Stylist: Pauline Croce
Model: Florentin Glemarec

It's been a while since I posted an editorial on my blog. So surprised to see Florentin flawlessly  clad in Juun J. pieces . He was just a Lookbook.nu guy before and now he's walking the runway shows of Rad Hourani and more. I'm digging boxy pieces right now. It must be the weather.


OUTFIT / Basic Geometry

 Neoprene shirt - Ninthsheep
Geometric Neoprene cover up : Ninthsheep
tailored pants: BCBG
Derby mules : thrifted / DIY 

I am most happy whenever I wear clothes that radiate simplistic modernism.It is true that  the absence of color creates a presence especially by wearing minimal clothes with special attention on construction.  The geometric sensibilities are very evident from the eyewear down to the shoes. A look inspired by , of course, Rad Hourani. I am so excited to test drive the clothes that I've been creating for Ninthsheep. It's actually me and my boyfriend's clothing line. The inception was rooted from our desire to create clothes that we would love wearing without the pressure on the notion of  selling it. Living the minimalist code includes making your own clothes versus purchasing on every store and this turned out to be a happy kind of vice. I am so excited to wear other designs here and I will keep everyone updated.And finally, I was able to wear my DIY derby mules.


DIY / Leather slides

Been wanting to have a rubber slide for easy normal day dressing and I bought these from Divisoria.  Lucky I have a stash of genuine leather in my "future -diy-supplies " box . So excited for the result. I had a hard time doing the pattern honestly.This sandal type is one of my favorite because it looks chunky and it hides the toes real good.  Btw, The DIY was inspired from Love-aesthetics and Roge .


OUTFIT / Foam meets function


Foam sweater / FrontRow Shop
leather backpack / Cava bags
Low-crotch pants - Comme des Garcons 

It's been cold and raining everyday . The other day i forgot my white umbrella  and i came home with a soaked sweater.  It was my favorite grey sweater and the rain violated it with wet streaks. Thats what i hate about grey clothings. A neoprene sweater , instead, is a fail-proof  armada for the rain. Neoprene isnt just a useless trend , but a functional blessing. It's thick and water doesnt penetrate. Honestly, i was drawn to it because aestehtically, it creates a sculpture-like form but wearing it has proven its purpose that it's become a trusty armor and clothing in one.


LIFE / Mario Badescu

Before I loved fashion, I was a fan of beauty stuff.. Toiletries, make up , skincare - name it! I 'd save up my week long allowance and by the end of the week , my mom would be stupefied to discover receipts from MAC , Beauty Bar , so on.  Back in college , I had a very very bad case of oily skin and acne and I tried hi and lows. It was a bloody battle. The brand Mario Badescu caught my eye. I wasn't into  the minimalist aesthetic before but the clean packaging combined with its modern, subtle branding had me. To compound, the ingredients are kind of unique and less in number. A true minimalist !  I wouldn't brag so much about my skincare because it's personal and I am still not so proud of my own skin but I love the brand so much. So here I am , happy and excited nevertheless ! The lovely girl from Rustan's Cubao gave me heaps of samples too. 


OUTFIT / Whites + Stripes

shirt / 5cm
pinstripe pants /  See by Chloe
shoes / Nike Air Force 1
bag / Cava  Philippines

Instead of jeans , 90% of my wardrobe consists of trousers. My granpa and I could trade closets but he is in heaven already. And these trousers are easier to wash too. I went to the grocery to buy my weekly supply of lettuce and tomatoes. My mom and I did a little thriftshopping and the goodies are all inside my trusty Cava backpack.  This is my kind of weekend.


COLLECTION / Ava Catherside

I am veritably speechless. One of the best collections I've seen this year and 
this one's from her SS14 collection.
Combining milky , textured and glossy finishes to her 
easy and structured key pieces , I have enjoyed
studying how the patterns and cuts marry into 
one interesting and compact collection.
Hands down!


SHOP / Almost Clinical

A.P.C / Opening Ceremony / Han KjĂžbenhavn / Rag & Bone tee / Theory / Creative Recreation shoes
Etudes Studio / Patrik Ervell tailored trousers / CWST / Grown & Sewn shorts / Arpenteur pants
Folk jacket / Patrik Ervell shorts / Opening Ceremony raglan shirt / Acne sneakers / 

White and Grey are two of my favorite colors.  It entertains light as it emits a scintilla to the senses. I am quite contented with my closet staples, a majority of white shirts and gray trousers but if you're gonna ask me, EASTDANE , a menswear online retail , has a splendid & curated line of designers and brands. A wide mix of hi and low always suggests that there's something for everyone and Eastdane provides a lot of choices. Well, If you're on the phase of building a strong wardrobe here are my picks to help you with it. Good news!  Shopbop & East Dane’s Friends and Family Sale event is back! Enter discount code "FAMILY25" at checkout to enjoy 25% off storewide between October 14th to 16th  with some brand exclusions. 


LIFE / Basic Pattern

A little update : I am exploring the realm of patterns now. I am quite lucky that my aunt has loads of pattern-making book. I am no genius and I still struggle in contemplating the illustrations and ughh mathematics. The following day I got myself some tools. My favorite is the tailor's chalk. I never truly appreciate its existence until now. I am poor at cutting straight lines so this is a very helpful tool. Another one is my set of pins. It really makes the cutting easy and flawless although I have a lot to learn but I am quite enjoying the ride. I do not desire to be super good in a matter of time, I am enjoying the basic and what I love is that I am not into the strict tailoring per se hence I delve more into the oversized ,  blown up patterns and square shapes. This little pattern I made is an oversized sweater with a pentagon shape. The shoulder extends down to the arm with a waist cinching silhouette to fit snugly and create a lovely bodice. I could  even slice the center so it would be a cover up . 


OUTFIT / Season staple

Neoprene top / Lola & Daisies
Pinstripe pants / Zara
white backpack / Tomtop
Chelsea flat boots / Zara

I think my color is navy and white. I find this imperceptible satisfaction whenever i enswathe myself with a white + navy combi. I try to go beyond the boundaries of the commonly used white + black contrasting match  and navy is indeed, a good match with white. I couldn't be happier to see that most  S/S 2015 collection released navy color schemes ( see 1205, Margiela , Chanel et al 's RTW collection). The spongy neoprene tee is from a good friend's clothing label. It's actually a brand for young women but as soon as I spotted the neoprene shirts, I had to get one and to start things right, I got myself the white one. There is magic in it , I tell you. It's spongy and it exhibits a structural stance . I could wear this tee all year round. Same goes with the white backpack, the pinstripe pants and the boots! As with the hairstyle , it's too hi-maintenance.


LIFE / 17th month

  Today is our 17th month anniversary. We haven't seen each other personally for 4 months and it's really sad but at the same time , it's our way of preparing ourselves for the bigger things ahead. So before I cook pasta today to celebrate, let me share with you photos that help me get by. The first one is our framed photo . I nearly cried when it fell and good thing the glass didn't break however, the wooden white frame cracked and I immediately doctored it .It's one of my favorite favorite photos. It's from last year. I love taking photos of Larrend wearing white  in white background because his beard and mustache create a stark contrast. A very rich black versus a negative blanc space is always pleasing to my eyes. Whenever he wear white stuff (undies and socks included) I couldn't help myself. We always think of the things that make us feel lucky in this world. It could be your business or family, but Larrend tops everything. Lastly, our shadows. I love love light and shadows and I think this photo sums everything up. I don't have a cute photo of us together but if you have time , you can visit his blog . You'll love the photos as much as I do.


SHOES / Zara Chelsea

Chelsea boots / Zara

AHHH ... new chelsea boots! i love you.. you complete me.. i mean my outfit.. Let''s admit it , Zara makes hi-quality , well crafted shoes. I will take care of this.