OUTFIT / Quick Run

Topshop / sweater
soccer shorts
Nike Air Force 1 /sneakers

It was a lovely sunny Saturday and I went to buy fabrics.Surprisingly , it was the only day in the week that I was able to go out and perform errands. It was raining hard the whole week hence crippling me to just stay at home , do my online job and read a book. Seeing the sun drying the whole streets was a lovely sight. I used to favor the rain over the heat but I love the mood that the daylight brings versus the somber feeling you get when it rains. I hate bringing umbrellas by the way. Finally,  I was able to wear my new backpack from Tomtop. It is a very timely and useful present. It is a multi-way backpack that becomes a handbag or a backpack in just a snap (literally) . The magic lies behind  the small snaps that hold the straps. Now, this supersedes the concept of a typical backpack. How harsh it would be to just call it a - "backpack. I chose white cause I haven't had any white bag ever since. I wasn't  a bag person but lately I am recognizing its value after loving my trusty old Eastpak leather backpack.