LIFE / When it rains...

Transparent Umbrella / Japan Surplus
sneakers / Nike Air Force 1 
backpack / Tomtop
neckpiece / Margiela x H&M
Minimum book / John Pawson

When it rains, the streets get muddy. My sneakers get muddy too. I wear sneakers when it rains because leather shoes will die young when soaked in the rain. I've experienced it. When it rains, I use my transparent umbrella because it's cute compared to the floral ones that my mama gave me. The prints are atrocious haha. And sometimes when it rains so hard, I cancel my plan to go out just like today hence the poignant photo. So sad because I was really excited to wear this new shirt with my Margiela neckpiece but it rained so I stayed home with my plant and read this book Minimum by John Pawson.  Tomorrow I'll be doing my laundry and the if it rains , it will again ruin the plan. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Everything about this is perfection! I hate floral prints, so I get you... And the transparent umbrella is amazing!

    \ Indigo Lights