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After pondering for days on how to make it comfortable and wearable, I came up with a simple plan: MULES! Aside from the fact that mules are becoming popular once again (crazy that trends are just repeating and repeating ) , I always strive for ease and functionality. What better way to make a footwear easy is to make it a slip-on. The rave behind the  Nike slides and Vans are because of their easy sensibility. So I asked a shoemaker to revamp my shoes. It was hitting 3 birds in one stone. I made it wearable and updated and I camouflaged the reality of it which is : 'it can't fit me" . I am just so proud that I didn't let negativity stopped me , opening more possibilities . My shoemaker was clever enough to cut the parts and re-stitched the raw cuts cleanly. If I were the one who diy-ed it, it would have been tragically messy. Yes!  It would've been more compact if it stayed as a regular derby ala Balenciaga but I need to wear these shoes too so making it as a mule isn't so bad after all. Would you do the same?