SHOES / (un)Fair and Square

Today,  I just bought my most favorite Thriftstore purchase. How ironic that it turned out to be 1.5 size smaller for me. They say " if the shoe fits, wear it!" but surely, mantras aren't constant. For me,  some shoes look greater even if it's 1 size bigger. When questions about comfort is raised though, I pause and  ponder deeper. Let's face it, if a shoe design looks immaculately great , chances are it is painful. I've had my shares with painful shoes and ending up with a generous amount of blisters and scratches can be frustrating. But these shoes that I just bought is different. It's a basic sleek mannish derby with (drum rolls)  chunky square heels. I've been looking for square heels since Rad Hourani and Balenciaga (here) released their collection. I love squares and rectangles so much! Sadly, they're a size 36.5 ! What do you do when you come face to face with a small shoe like this? I can't let it go because chances of seeing this shoe again are rare. So,  imagine how I managed to squeeze my manly feet inside? Well, I did with a help of thin socks. Squeezing in was a problem but walking in it is  the main problem. The cheap price ,too,  made it more sensible for me to purchase it. It's too beautiful to be stuck in my shoe shelf  so my plan is to swap the square heels with my existing boots. However I love love the angled sole so badly  . Ughh... Such predicaments ! We shall see.