ART / Ageless

Sharing you my sketches because I wasn't able to take photos of the interesting subjects I encountered . I was in a bank the other day and it was the worst 2 hours of my life. Imagine,  waiting and standing in a small bank with 20 + people inside. It was jam-packed with kids and moms and .. grannies! I always forget to convey here in my blog how I love dressing up as a granny: cuff pants, big jackets, gray slacks , hi waist pants.. leather sandals. Do you get the picture?
 Of course my camera isn't with me when I saw these chic grannies walking around the vicinity. Boy was I tempted to snap a photo but phones aren't allowed inside. Suddenly my boredom became non-existent and my insides were filled with joy. While mentally memorizing their looks in my head, I grabbed a pen and sketched hastily (the perks of bringing pen and a small notepad everywhere) My eyes got transfixed with the sandals of some old guy. It has a big cross strap with additional thin straps. Very Celine x Birkenstock. It's so unique and  when I almost asked him, I stopped since it would make the situation weird. Oldies are very suspicious you know haha and he was holding an envelope of money (perhaps) plus being mistaken as a robber would not look cute. Then there's another granny who wore her big black blazer with that Parisian nonchalance. I love how she looked that her wrinkly and hunchbacked appearance drew me more to stare at her. Plus she's wearing a very rustic pair of brogues which I think served her for decades. Lastly , a plump short old man with his charcoal bomber jacket and hi waist pants. I began to realize how they wear their clothes with so much character. Surely, the clothes aren't in their most pristine state but the haggardness turned out beautifully. It's just refreshing to see some people here in the Philippines that actually look pleasing to my eyes in a mundane situation. Common here would be denim pants, branded shirts , sneakers that look very American. Real life day to day fashion inspiration : Simple joys! However,  it would be very cool if I snapped a photo of them , no? Well, next time!