ART / Ageless

Sharing you my sketches because I wasn't able to take photos of the interesting subjects I encountered . I was in a bank the other day and it was the worst 2 hours of my life. Imagine,  waiting and standing in a small bank with 20 + people inside. It was jam-packed with kids and moms and .. grannies! I always forget to convey here in my blog how I love dressing up as a granny: cuff pants, big jackets, gray slacks , hi waist pants.. leather sandals. Do you get the picture?
 Of course my camera isn't with me when I saw these chic grannies walking around the vicinity. Boy was I tempted to snap a photo but phones aren't allowed inside. Suddenly my boredom became non-existent and my insides were filled with joy. While mentally memorizing their looks in my head, I grabbed a pen and sketched hastily (the perks of bringing pen and a small notepad everywhere) My eyes got transfixed with the sandals of some old guy. It has a big cross strap with additional thin straps. Very Celine x Birkenstock. It's so unique and  when I almost asked him, I stopped since it would make the situation weird. Oldies are very suspicious you know haha and he was holding an envelope of money (perhaps) plus being mistaken as a robber would not look cute. Then there's another granny who wore her big black blazer with that Parisian nonchalance. I love how she looked that her wrinkly and hunchbacked appearance drew me more to stare at her. Plus she's wearing a very rustic pair of brogues which I think served her for decades. Lastly , a plump short old man with his charcoal bomber jacket and hi waist pants. I began to realize how they wear their clothes with so much character. Surely, the clothes aren't in their most pristine state but the haggardness turned out beautifully. It's just refreshing to see some people here in the Philippines that actually look pleasing to my eyes in a mundane situation. Common here would be denim pants, branded shirts , sneakers that look very American. Real life day to day fashion inspiration : Simple joys! However,  it would be very cool if I snapped a photo of them , no? Well, next time!


OUTFIT / Same kind of Different

Uniqlo raglan shirt
tailored navy shorts

Wearing my fave Uniqlo raglan shirt once again but with my hair tied in a samurai do . My bf contoured my make up as well and no matter how I imitate it, I just can't redo it by myself. I just had a one hour workout playing Lady Gaga Artpop songs . My fave is Donatella , an in-your face fashion bitchy song. God , I miss Gaga. I thought I was over her but her revitalized,  performance art-loaded album is so good! Have a great day , everyone!

photo by Larrend


RUNWAY / Jacquemus Fall 2014

It's raining so hard today and I am terribly daydreaming of drinking tea
 with my boyfriend. We need warmth : physical and emotional. Apart from that,
I am lustfully eyeing on these fall pieces from Jacquemus!
How would it feel to be enveloped in hi-tech spongy scuba fabric
 in baggy silhouettes. The collection is entitled La Femme Enfant. 
While I'm haplesslytoo lazy to look up for the translation,
 feel free to marvel at the whole collection here
Before I thought Paris-based designers always keep it classy , 
however Jacquemus shattered that impression- in a very good way!


CLOTHES / Ven-tee-lation

This shirt is too adorable to ignore. I was in the dept store looking for socks and I found this among the rack of " sale / last piece". It's a boxy regular shirt with a sense of aeration thanks to the thick mesh sleeves that serves as the cherry on top. I'm undeniably a shirt person and this one's giving me more than enough reasons on why should i love shirts more.


OUTFIT / Cloud Nine

Spongy sweater - Frontrow Shop
bomber jacket - thrifted
raw cut pants - DIY
mandals - (here)

It's been a while since I've worn an all-white outfit and thankfully I did Yes it was raining but I took the courage to wear my new mandals. Mixing a fall and summer look altogether is easy with the right pieces. I am so happy I finally have a white sandals and whenever I want to be easy breezy, i can count on these. 


COLLECTION / Bassike A/W 2014

It's my first time to hear about Bassike. I saw it on Instagram 
a week ago and soon enough, I was liking every photo on the gallery. 
It's a young Australian hi-end clothing label which is known
for timeless , pieces. I love how the A/W 14 collection refines into
minimal pieces that offer structured silhouettes or may I say "Celine'-ized" 
sensibilities. Everything is definitely highly covetable. And if you're wondering 
how to style your Birks, ladies and gentleman, feel free to ogle in their lookbook
for inspirations. I am beginning to see a lot of clever Australian brands in the past few years
and Bassike is surely one in my long list.


SHOES / (un)Fair and Square

Today,  I just bought my most favorite Thriftstore purchase. How ironic that it turned out to be 1.5 size smaller for me. They say " if the shoe fits, wear it!" but surely, mantras aren't constant. For me,  some shoes look greater even if it's 1 size bigger. When questions about comfort is raised though, I pause and  ponder deeper. Let's face it, if a shoe design looks immaculately great , chances are it is painful. I've had my shares with painful shoes and ending up with a generous amount of blisters and scratches can be frustrating. But these shoes that I just bought is different. It's a basic sleek mannish derby with (drum rolls)  chunky square heels. I've been looking for square heels since Rad Hourani and Balenciaga (here) released their collection. I love squares and rectangles so much! Sadly, they're a size 36.5 ! What do you do when you come face to face with a small shoe like this? I can't let it go because chances of seeing this shoe again are rare. So,  imagine how I managed to squeeze my manly feet inside? Well, I did with a help of thin socks. Squeezing in was a problem but walking in it is  the main problem. The cheap price ,too,  made it more sensible for me to purchase it. It's too beautiful to be stuck in my shoe shelf  so my plan is to swap the square heels with my existing boots. However I love love the angled sole so badly  . Ughh... Such predicaments ! We shall see.


LIFE / Sharing

To let someone wear your clothes is a sign of a openness and trust. Clothes are part of your personal space hence sharing it means a lot. I used to have a roommate way back in college and I would be so excited whenever I dress him up for a school event. I used to own many clothes which I rarely use.  I lend him my new jackets and Chuck Taylors and accessories..  it was a fun thing to remember. Now I have Larrend and we do "clothes-sharing" all the time. I sometimes dress him up and find myself marveling at how clothes look 10x better on him. It pays to have a tall and toned body , no? Here, he is wearing my vest and pants and he looked lovely as always. It was yet another ordinary morning at his house and we start it by dressing up for the day.


OUTFIT / Sexless shadow

Kenki geometric vest
H&M pants
DIY muscle tee

I love that everything in my wardrobe  is easy now. Every piece I have mix well with the others. The convenience of  having less and wearing less conjured me to explore more sans the stressful styling . Sometimes it starts with the shoes and vice versa. I've been keeping this vest since I got them from a thrift store. It's too dramatic considering my interests with simple cuts and basic pieces  however with the rainy days we have , one must heed the help of a lightweight outerwear . As with the cigarette pants , they're made from a stretchy twill fabric. I love that it stretches and wrinkles at the right places.


OUTFIT / Small Wonders

Neoprene two-way blazer - Frontrowshop
shorts - Philosophy
leather crop top - ZARA
shoes - Nike Airforce 1

One main thing I've learned about basics is to never  underestimate them. Functionality and aesthetically-wise, basics are build-able and fun to style.  I used to feel incomplete whenever I wear something lazy and comfortable outside because I really love dressing up. I may have tamed down in the drama department however I still find that unique quality in clothes. I was unaware that I picked out pieces that aren't oversized this time. The blazer is in medium while the shorts are from my boyfriend and yes they're sized small. As for the crop top , obviously, Zara created it for lean girls even if its a free size. Add to the fact that I'm so worried that my biceps (what?)  won't fit in.  This neoprene blazer was my armada for that day. My friends were surprised and laughing when I turned the jacket inside out before eating the spaghetti. Haplessly a micro splatter made its way onto the white sleeves but I washed it immediately when I got home. Yes it's my first time to wear the shoes since  I had it. The crazy relentless rain impeded me to wear white shoes but turned out the raindrops cleansed the rubber soles so I was happy. I'm just worried about the effect of it soiling the leather portion. It's my first time to wear the crop top from Zara I bought a week ago. I was saving it for some occasion but I then asked myself why not now? I was just not bold enough to wear it sans the blazer since I'm not so used to exposing skin especially if it's the midsection aka the flab area of responsibility.


LIFE / 15th month

So we look like we are sunbathing in the sun while wearing matching clothes.. ahh simple pleasures . It's our 15th monthsary today and 3 days ago i received a mail and inside is a book about minimalism and contentment entitled - Radical Contentment- The Power of Enough and a passport cover with a bag tag which I can use when I migrate to Oz (soon)! 


ACCESSORIES / B(l)acpack

Eastpak Leather backpack
        When it comes to bag , this is my holy grail. This is my mature Jansport . I use it everyday like literally
                and I can't resist touching the cowhide leather.  There have been many times I faced an opportunity of getting another black leather backpack, there are shops that has a lot of it but I never bought any because I am contented with this baby.It is still available at Menlook.com. Get it here .


COLLECTION / Ytinifninfinity

...And the scuba obsession continues. My craving for the spongy fabric has further exacerbated upon seeing this lovely collection from Mexican label Ytinifninfinity ,owned by designer Victor Barragan. I love brands that exude a distinct culture. Yes they could be selling neoprene bombers and printed shirts but above it all, both the vision and products are so interesting. I must work on with pronouncing the brand though..Check out their site here


OUTFIT / Future Past

h&m shirt
LEVI's pants
Doc Marten's derby via LAB and ID
Eastpak leather backpack via Menlook

This is just me and my everyday outfit . But the surprise lies in the grandeur of the place. Me , dad and my boyfriend visited Intramuros and we basically loved the old world charm this place possess. The cobbled pavements were my favorite. I was definitely amazed with the immense maximal aesthetic of the Spanish architecture but the brick pavements' repetitive shapes gave me a sense of clarity. Nevertheless, the big walled churches in gray are so inspiring to look at. I was glad that I wore my derbies and not some platforms because we did nothing but walking that day. Wearing white helped a lot too. I don't know but wearing something light in a place that's terribly hot kind of transmit a fresh energy.