OUTFIT / Sweater, Shorts , Socks

 Sweater - FrontRow Shop
shorts - Nike
felt wool slip-ons - random market
frosted eyewear 
Neckpiece - Daiso 

It's always been a herculean task to dive into white pieces but the wonders of combining these three white pieces together is magic in every form. Maybe I really need to wear shorts more often but I have issues with them as it shortens my legs even more. Well , as if I've got any choice left anyway. I'll be working on embracing my hairy short legs for now. If you've noticed from my previous post  , my hair have gone shorter that is because I impulsively asked my boyfriend to shave the thick portions of my hair one boring afternoon but everyone disliked it except me. To appease the growing concern of friends, I got myself a decent haircut in a local salon. 


  1. You look great in shorts! Definitely should wear them more often :)

    \ Indigo Lights

    1. thanks my love... ill be considering that.. i wish i could know to comment on your blog

  2. Hair looks good, legs look good, white ensemble looks good. No worries then, Karl! :)