OUTFIT / Normal days

I always get questions of where I purchase my clothes especially the odd basic ones. I wish I could say that I bought them in a mall where shopping is easier however the gems aren't found there . It  brings me with pride that most of them are from random thrift finds. At this point, thrift shopping for me is an exercise of healthy consumerism. It doesn't make you guilty that much. Brands I see on the internet just inspires me but not influence me enough  to buy and buy. These pants which seem like a hybrid of culottes + drop crotch are from one of those thrift stores I pass by everyday. I was in need of denim mainly because of the hot humid season and wearing denim in summer is pretty. But I wasn't keen on getting the skinny ones ( The mall has thousands of those !) instead the odd boxy shaped trousers are what's on my list. It was luck! Thrift shops have all those clever 90's design that are back in the trend list. Don't ask me how many drop crotch pants , bomber jacket, and culottes have I seen while thrift shopping. I wasn't able to fit it since I visually know how clothes will  fit me just by staring at it and it was perfect! For some it was a weird fit but perfect for me would be ridiculous for some and yet  I always listen to myself. The pattern is exactly challenging too. Perhaps if I have the time , I would dissect the pants and study it personally so as to make replicas of different fabrics. A leather version or wool would be cool.

Frontrowshop has been very generous with giving me stuff lately and here I am wearing their pullover which I could say is the perfect base for layering however I opted to wear it plain. Good thing I did, because when I saw MM6's resort  the other week , I knew I was right on track.

 pullover - Frontrowshop
denim pants - thrifted
shoes - Hongkong


  1. The fit of the pants is so unique! That's why thrift shopping is so great, you always find original pieces :)


  2. Absolutely love how minimal your blog is. Love it! Hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like!


    1. i just visited your blog.. love it;. thanks so much

  3. you look awkward in your pants... IMHO.

  4. exactly the point why i love the pants !

  5. yesss most of my basics are from thrift stores too! mas matibay pa kesa sa fast fashion stores!