OUTFIT / Crop + Cozy

Didn't realize that by cutting a generous length of fabric in this sweater would produce a more beautiful result. It's a sweater bought from Korea and you can easily see the Givenchy x D&G reference. I love it but my only qualm is the overwhelming length which is akin to a tunic and dresses. It nearly touches my knees however I respect the design. I've realized that I only wore it once , subconsciously hiding it far far away in the closet. Just the other night , I was inspired to have a demi crop top. Not crop enough to expose my flabby midsection but short in a way that it creates a boxy effect. So I was looking for some unwanted sweaters and found this. After cutting it, the fleece sweater created a nice raw edge which surprised me. It matched so well with my existing hi-waist pants. I could tell that the outfit helped me fake my height as I looked more tall. Scissors , what are we without you?

Sweater - Korea
hi waist denim pants - JNBY
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell