LIFE / White Sand Wonderland

We had the grandest time  in Capones Island beach in Zambales. It was a 15 minute wavy boat ride and I was imagining things (mermaids, shark , sinking boat)  during the trip.Once we've arrived, the serene azure welcomed us. It was a hellish kind of hot but seeing the clear blue waters and white sand , everything turned alright. We picked shells for our home decor DIY project and ate sandwiches with my man's friends and mum. I'm not a fan of beaches but the memories I have when I'm there always create a lovely imagery in my head. I think that's the power of the sun and the sea combined, it triggers the brain to be happy!


  1. Stunning photography, and loving that close up of you. Really nice skin too babe xx


    1. thanks so much babe,.. wow skin ko pa napansin mo haha love ya