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Orphan Bird A/W 2014

I've been a fan of Orphan  Bird since last year. I first encountered them on Instagram and I've been completely hooked. It's not hard to love their pieces especially if you respect brands that advocate minimalism and classic styles. Most interestingly the clothing label was created by an Italian designer , Ciro Supino and a Swedish photographer , Sara Lohman and you just can guess how interesting the language of their brand aesthetic. Their cut-to-perfection white shirts and paneled pants are what initially caught my attention. I love geometry in clothes and they produce unconventional garments and shape that doesn't impede the wearer from expressing his own individuality. I love the reinterpretation of traditional tailoring and their genderless pieces. I fully  insist you visit their site 


  1. The pieces are beautiful! I didn't know this brand, but I have to say I'm in love!

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  2. I've been their fan from the moment I found out about them, too. I've had my eyes on their black shirt that's now on sale. the "forms of boundaries" bag also looks wonderful, I really wish they made it in an animal friendly material! btw, I think you would be a wonderful fit for their campaign (or the other way around, their clothes would be a wonderful fit for you :)

    1. aww thats so sweet of you babe. yes! orphanbird is a visionaire! i admire that you memorize the item names hehe.. thanks so much. we would look rad in orphan bird pieces i am certain!