CLOTHES / Double-Sided Scuba Coat

We all know about coats and blazers and their status as one of the most powerful clothing ever existed. However, what came in the mail today is a very special kind of blazer. I mean China can make any unimaginable product happen but in the city of Shanghai exists a shop that creates excellent minimal clothing like this one. I must say that the reference was derived from Celine or Jil Sander but aside from the flawless raw stitch details , it is surprisingly a reversible jacket. Although , essentially I prefer the white side over the black and it's made from scuba fabric aka neoprene which I love. I gasped when I saw how the sleeves created a sturdy silhouette. Thank you FrontRow shop. Another lovely essential has been added in my closet 


  1. It's perfect, I love the raw ends and the fabric!

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