Beauty is defined in a multitude of ways but for leather goods label- WABISABI
it is something that is of imperfection and incompleteness. Worry not because the 
designs  are totally impeccable. At first i thought it was a Swedish x Japanese label 
and it surprised  me knowing that it's a Filipino label.The designs are flawlessly 
minimal and functional too.

Devoid of any fancy,  unnecessary accessories, the designers convey a strong message of 
incorporating ZEN in their aesthetic. It's cool that they make imperfect
 and irregular look compact and neat. I believe that the products know no limits with who can wear it. 
I can totally imagine the bags being worn by cool kids and moms.
From backpacks to messenger bags, the designs are seamless all throughout.
Most of the bags are in black and grey leather which surely
 traverse seasons and trends. We don't need those!
and I love the backpacks so much!

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