OUTFIT / Clothes that help

Sorry for the long absence. I cant blog if I'm not sitting on my dad's computer. So here I am writing this post  hungrily because I missed this personal space of mine.  Finally wore these Zara silver boots outside! My heart almost fainted when I saw streaks of mud invading the shiny silver leather but shoes are armors. You'll find their worth once they've been lambasted in filthy streets, in long horrific walks. That's their very purpose aside from making you feel happy.  It was drizzling  and for a moment , I was grateful that outerwears are abundant in my closet. This MUJI reversible coat has served me more than ways I could imagine. What are we without clothes?

MUJI coat 
VAGUE sweater from Australia
UNIQLO tailored pants
ZARA boots
H&M X MARGIELA neckpiece

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