LIFE / Morning , Manila

White shirts, morning breath , fragrant coffee , soft ray of sunshine , growling stomach , tousled hair, distant vehicle noises  - All comprises a complete morning. From time to time, I always tell my man that staying in the province during his holidays is the best but no one can attest the allure of the city especially with him beside me.



                                                                                                      Yuliy Gershinsky                       

We all know what's happening between the Menswear 2015 shows
 but allow me to express my love for this collection.
Yuliy Gershinsky  , a Sydney-based menswear designer , 
created a refined sportswear with
 a tasteful modern silhouette( I can't remember what season).

It's always delightful  whenever I chance upon designers
who create pieces I would definitely  wear. 
The bomber jacket down to the sweatshirts are perfect!!


OUTFIT / Post Summer + Pre Fall

How time flies! Just a few weeks ago I was ranting about the summer heat and now the rainy season is here. I spent the holidays/ summer with my boyfriend for 2 months (hence my long absence)  and he took these lovely photos. Finally, I had the chance to wear the neoprene sweater from Frontrowshop . It's my favorite now since the sun and heat have tamed down.  Would you believe that the Chanel-ish neckpiece was just  from Daiso (Japanese store) ? I'm into rare(cheap) finds  lately and my wool slip-ons are my best gems lately. I've been seeing a lot of rubber slip-ons but this one's unique. I even bought a black version for my boyfriend. 

Neoprene sweater - c/o Frontrowshop
white pants - Uniqlo
neckpiece - Daiso
slip ons - market



This frosted eyewear is everything. It instantly updates and polish my very basic choices in outfit.  It's tricky to wear really but I practically use them to keep myself from migraine. Sunlight can be so damaging  especially this season. 


OUTFIT / Eun Hwa

It's always rare to own compelling designs like this in your life especially if it's created by the Korean designer Eun Hwa . I just hoped that my photos revealed the conceptual rigor of this shirt but photos can only do so much. Being fond of minimal pieces, I have great respect to designers who pay attention to the tiniest of details. From afar, it would seem like a normal shirt but inside is a layer of panels sewn together to create a sturdy silhouette . I love the unique rubber square buttons.

 Asymmetrical shirt - Eun Hwa Paris / Initial pants / Zara boots


LOOKBOOK / Fall for a COS

Dream wardrobe for girls who wear men's and boys who can wear women's.. Gender really isn't an object. Skin is skin.


OUTFIT / Clothes that help

Sorry for the long absence. I cant blog if I'm not sitting on my dad's computer. So here I am writing this post  hungrily because I missed this personal space of mine.  Finally wore these Zara silver boots outside! My heart almost fainted when I saw streaks of mud invading the shiny silver leather but shoes are armors. You'll find their worth once they've been lambasted in filthy streets, in long horrific walks. That's their very purpose aside from making you feel happy.  It was drizzling  and for a moment , I was grateful that outerwears are abundant in my closet. This MUJI reversible coat has served me more than ways I could imagine. What are we without clothes?

MUJI coat 
VAGUE sweater from Australia
UNIQLO tailored pants
ZARA boots
H&M X MARGIELA neckpiece