MOOD / Artchitexture

I hate the hot weather but I enjoy the light . Especially during the peak of noon where anything creates tall shadows and the sunlight is almost white. Even the grayest of pavements become stark white like snow.I wish the weather can be cool while the sun remains blazing however it would be impossible. So instead of whining about the weather we cant even control, I went out today and grab photos of concrete and shadows and white walls. There's nothing much to visit here in the city unless you're looking for a mall or a condo. Some photos below are my doodles. I love anything gray! I love painting shadowed blocks. Mixing black and white can be hard but I'm getting the hang of it. Watercolors are fun! I used to hate it in elementary. Like any normy kid, I'm drawn to waxy and messy crayons. Nobody in class bothered to appreciate watercolor and the art of mixing the faint colors. Regrets. I wish we have cool buildings here in MNL, akin to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam or the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands.