LIFE / Colours speak louder than words

They say images are subconscious products of the brain. A vacuum filled with floating dreams and  frustrations. I wanna have a longer hair and longer neck . A waif frame and a clean white space . I always love standing against a blank wall hence the sight of a blank white sheet of paper invites me to draw. I would love to paint in gray and black and white but colors are colors. It may not look good on me on an outfit but on paper, it's fun! I've had my colorful phase from way back and it's all in the past now.
With Celine's latest collection being all about art and pigmented brush strokes, I knew that art + fashion will be resurrected in a new vision. As for me, I have a brush and cheap watercolors to explore fashion and art on a boring afternoon. You can make me deaf  but chopping my hands would  be the death of me. You see , I have this habit of doodling when I'm tensed or bored. A default so automatic it's creeping me out. I even doodle in  the air if there are no pens and paper available. I love to draw and there are millions of things I need to learn.

Long hair me + bee stung lips
i love squares and rectangles

skinny + rhionoplasty-ed + jaw surgery-ed  + chin-surgery-ed ME


  1. lovely paintings:) I love art and I also like to paint:)

  2. These are charming! I'd like to see more.. I have an affinity for squares and rectangles too - they make frequent appearances in my paintings (fine art is my profession).
    -ODYSSEYhome.com :)

    1. thanks Steph.. would love to see your works .... ughh i love u

  3. These are cool! Watercolor?

  4. these are pretty great, I wouldn't mind seeing your work regularly up here!