OUTFIT/ Building Blacks

The notion that clothes can be extracted from geometric concept and forms plus their effect on the organic curves of the body intrigues me. i love geometrical shapes, patterns, linear cuts. A simple boxy pants or skirt can put me in a higher level of euphoria. the simplicity of my clothes go well with my behavior. Clothes are animated by the body and my body language go well with it.
Speaking of structured, I found myself going to Rad Hourani's e-shop the other day with the latest structured pieces from his collection. An opportunity for me to discover that they styled their lookbook the same way I did mine.. So badly need the stuff here

Vest with metal details - gift from Australia
plain muscle tank -  DIY
 skirt- COS 
 tailored pants - Zara 
boots - Messeca via Solestruck


READ / FRAME - The Back Issue

Another gem I found in a local bookstore. FRAME magazine was alien to me until now. Shame on me! But the universe has a way of reversing things and look now. What I have is a compendium of 50 back issues of magazines in one book. Quite enough for me to be informed in one sitting I reckon. I have been asking for visual inspirations for the past few months. Googling " architecture in Amsterdam " or "minimalist artists in Belgium" and here I am being wowed as I scan the page with all the architecture designers that sound new to me. It was a visual melting pot of architecture + fashion + art + catchy titles +witty articles + clever layouts. The fact that it's a magazine based in the Netherlands is a major factor too. I am quite a big fan of these people. It's my dream country (aside from Australia). The magazine loves Rei Kawakubo so much ...

when art meets architecture

power countries : finland + denmark + iceland + sweden + norway
Ann D.'s store
Issey Myake's store

about Rei Kawakubo + store ideas

Walter Van Beirendonck vs Ann Demeulemeester 

Interesting church architecture in Japan


OUTFIT / Stone Washed

Say hello to my summer pants. I'm not the one who'd always be excited with summer and seasons but these pants are incredible. These are my alternative for white pants (which is so hard to maintain btw) - Stonewashed goodness with the perfect fit. I was once a fan of dark colored denims but realized that this is what denim pants should be : washed and not too skinny. Something that would go well with my 90's minimal approach. A new favorite "go-to" tee at the moment is this white paneled shirt from 5cm. Instead of the stripes bearing  contrasting colors, their version is a paneling  of wool and cotton creating subtle "barely -there" stripes .

textured tee - 5cm
 sweatshirt - Topshop
stone wash jeans - LEVIS
shoes - Dr Martens
bone earing - OS accessories


OUTFIT / LESSentials

Less is the new essential I say and when lessentials come in the form of  Prada shirts and platform slip-ons you would totally get the picture.  Whenever I shop online , I go right away to "outerwears" because I'm more into pieces that you wouldn't be guilty of wearing over and over again. What I do not appreciate much is the  "designer shirts" category. I mean a hundred /thousand dollars for a tee shirt ? But judge not! There are "practical" rationales behind these costs. Product shots and infos can only do so much. I then became aware of the quality when I wore a Givenchy shirt. And this PRADA tee are giving me reasons more as well. It's like poly blend of crepe and cotton and it's just so soft! My photos can do little to expose its good points but this tee is by far the best I had. The fit is perfect too. I also present  my new skaters. The epidemic has grown crazy and I'm quite happy with the skaters I have. They're made of canvas although I would love a leather version but the icing on the cake lies in the elevated  platforms and jagged sole! I cant say no to platforms..

PRADA tee shirt
UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON skinny pin stripe pants
platform slip ons from Hongkong


LIFE / Colours speak louder than words

They say images are subconscious products of the brain. A vacuum filled with floating dreams and  frustrations. I wanna have a longer hair and longer neck . A waif frame and a clean white space . I always love standing against a blank wall hence the sight of a blank white sheet of paper invites me to draw. I would love to paint in gray and black and white but colors are colors. It may not look good on me on an outfit but on paper, it's fun! I've had my colorful phase from way back and it's all in the past now.
With Celine's latest collection being all about art and pigmented brush strokes, I knew that art + fashion will be resurrected in a new vision. As for me, I have a brush and cheap watercolors to explore fashion and art on a boring afternoon. You can make me deaf  but chopping my hands would  be the death of me. You see , I have this habit of doodling when I'm tensed or bored. A default so automatic it's creeping me out. I even doodle in  the air if there are no pens and paper available. I love to draw and there are millions of things I need to learn.

Long hair me + bee stung lips
i love squares and rectangles

skinny + rhionoplasty-ed + jaw surgery-ed  + chin-surgery-ed ME


LIFE / See You

 Today I'll be picking up my man, Larrend in the airport. Happiness isn't buying or over eating in a fancy buffet restaurant. It's when someone you love , loves you enough and be that man who'll traverse the oceans just to see you. I'll be leaving my blog for a while and indulge for some quality time with him. Thanks to everyone who's been very supportive with us!


OUTFIT / The 90's jacket

I can literally survive life with this outfit. A boxy oversized 90's jacket , a thin shirt inside and a hi waist navy pants rolled to reveal my ankles and shoes. Some may revel at the versatility of a blazer or the ease a cardigan gives but in the heat of summer, this jacket is my staple.

Boxy Jacket - ESPRIT 
sweatshirt - c/o Front Row Shop
high waist pants - Zara
Shoes- Deandri via SOLESTRUCK