OUTFIT / Less but better

Pinstripes- the only print acceptable in my closet right now. I know there's something grandfather about this look but I find it amusing , interesting though. and Pinstripe , to have an updated look, must be paired with white shoes hence my DIY creepers. I've been researching on how to professionally dye leather shoes and I am searching for that leather dye. One night I couldnt sleep because I had tons of ideas, of what shoes and stuff to dye . In  grey perhaps or white. . We'll see.
How I wish my hair would stay this way forever too.

zip coat - thrifted
white sweater - topshop
pinstripe pants - Zara
shoes - DIY


  1. You have the best pieces in your closet. Everytime I come here I am glad and inspired and I know its not easy to be minimal in a hot country. you look fantastic

  2. there are leather dyes available in shoe supplies stores in marikina near the market area. they come in all colors and are cheap per bottle. i've used them on a couple of diy's as well. the dye also coats the rubber soles of shoes.