OUTFIT / Defying seasons

Defying nature can be quite a handful. The quizzical look when strangers ( including mama and papa ) saw me in this huge wrap cardicoat (cardigan + coat duh) . Not a wise move if you're gonna ask them since it's summer but I am not gonna let the sun burn my hands et al. I may look covered up but the shorts provided an outlet , a ventilation so I believe I'm doing fine. When I got the shoes , the first thing I asked myself is where to pair it with. Will I do a matchy matchy basic outfit or mix it with the avante stuff I have. Since, we're all seeing the clever "Celine" fledglings out there, I tried to juxtapose the cute shoes with my dark outfit- Part hipster x part Owens x part Celine... The poncho-ish wrap coat is so dramatic. Yes! We need more drama !

Happy Easter!!

coat - OAK nyc
raw edge shirt - Comax 
Shorts - Plus Minus Divide
shoes- Hongkong
Leather Backpack - Eastpak via MENLOOK.com