OUTFIT / Defying seasons

Defying nature can be quite a handful. The quizzical look when strangers ( including mama and papa ) saw me in this huge wrap cardicoat (cardigan + coat duh) . Not a wise move if you're gonna ask them since it's summer but I am not gonna let the sun burn my hands et al. I may look covered up but the shorts provided an outlet , a ventilation so I believe I'm doing fine. When I got the shoes , the first thing I asked myself is where to pair it with. Will I do a matchy matchy basic outfit or mix it with the avante stuff I have. Since, we're all seeing the clever "Celine" fledglings out there, I tried to juxtapose the cute shoes with my dark outfit- Part hipster x part Owens x part Celine... The poncho-ish wrap coat is so dramatic. Yes! We need more drama !

Happy Easter!!

coat - OAK nyc
raw edge shirt - Comax 
Shorts - Plus Minus Divide
shoes- Hongkong
Leather Backpack - Eastpak via MENLOOK.com


  1. love the look and you look great on it karl!

  2. omg!
    amazing coat!
    love all about this look!
    everything is perfect!


  3. Love this look, the shorts gives a lot of summer and spring vibes. Awesome slip ons xx

    1. that's what i was aiming for babe.. love ya.. u wear sneakers so good yourself.. hugs