OUTFIT / Afternoon Delight

In the thick climate of exasperation due to the harsh summer heat, I find solace not with those flimsy cottony shirts but with button downs. I didn't care if I looked older or simpler , I know , with the 34C  weather, I just had to. The way the buttons can be adjusted to invite ventilation is a big help and not to mention chic. Speaking of ventilation, I guess it's high time that we wear our ripped jeans. Everything bare is legal in summer. It was around 5pm when I took the photos , and there's still something beautiful 'spite of the weather. The way the blazing yellow of the sun mellows into orange and coral in the indigo sky is something to admire. Sometimes the highlight is not all about the dress we wear to celebrate summer, it's just  simply about.. summer alone.

shirt - Ermenigildo Zegna 
jeans - DIY
shoes - DEANDRI va Solestruck


LIFE / Weekend

fast forward this weekend and i'll be seeing again my man, Larrend !


READ / The great Yeohlee Teng

One of the main reasons why I chose the way of minimalism is the foreseeable environmental and inner crisis that over consumption could do. In my little way, having less purchased consumption in clothing , I am taking a step in being an eco-individual. One book I enjoyed reading this summer is the works of the designer YEOHLEE TENG. A Malaysian-born designer based in NYC , she's been an advocate on sustainable and eco-fashion. She has devised ways and designs thru her superb craftsmanship on  how lessening scraps and using them has heavily shaped her aesthetics. I find her philosophy very sensible too. I love her works so much. Her designs delve on ease, purity and minimalism. She has presented her collections in the early 90's to the early 2000's. I was so surprised to see how during those times, she has already used PVC and hi-tech fabrics. Here are some of her works:


OUTFIT / Borderline

My obsession with anything white continues and this sweater from FrontRow Shop is my new favorite. The minimal border print adds a touch of art too. Sometimes I just hang it on the wall and just look at it .I know that wearing this will conjure an extra effort to be careful with the vinaigrette bottle and coffee spills. The sweater speaks volume about emptiness. A blank canvas. And indeed it is. I can only think of too many ways on how to wear it.

FrontRow Shop sweater ( Get it here )
H&M X Margiela neckpiece
INITIAL tailored pants
Jeffrey Campbell derby platforms via Solestruck


SHOP / Hybrid Sneakers by oki-ni

oki-ni's latest SS14 FOCUS, draws attention to something fascinating happening to sneakers this season as they transform into unique hybrids of sports, luxury and fashion footwear.

In an iridescent twilight zone created by Set Designer Andrew Stellitano and Photographer Sam Hofman, the stunning shoot showcases a collection of hybrid footwear including "shoe-in-shoe" sneakers from adidas x Raf Simons, striking architectural forms from Rick Owens and luxurious running shoes from Lanvin, amongst others. 

The 22 Men's Technical Fabric High-Top Sneakers from Maison Martin Margiela are a unique take on a classic high-top sneaker, combining a retro silhouette with futuristic finishes.

The Response Trail Sneakers by Adidas Originals x Raf Simons, are a transformation of adidas' 1990s Response Trail style thanks to the unique touch of Raf Simons to create a strikingly, futuristic design.

The Men's Runner in Black  by Rick Owens x Adidas blends the worlds of avant-garde design and technical sportswear. Crafted from luxury leather and suede, the sneakers combine sportswear details within Rick Owens' minimal aesthetic, producing a must-have style for fans of each brand alike.

shop the collection here

(Oki-ni Affiliate post)


LIFE / me , my shirt and I

Feels good to be cocooned in  a white shirt whilst enjoying the mild sunlight versus the cool airconditioned room with no pants on . My boyfriend shot these photos because we were just glad to be back in the comforts of our room. We were lost on our way back to the hotel. My fault actually.  The fear of the unknown. Here in Manila , it's either you get lost by not being familiar or by being fooled around by cab drivers to control their fare meters. Good thing we were in good hands that day. I was extremely exhausted but we laughed it all out anyway. To be lost in a city with your love...

shirt : Givenchy 

photos:  Larrend


CLOTHES / Clean Neoprene

This neoprene sweater may look too Fall /Winter but I swear the material is light as a foam. The tricky part would be the turtleneck though. So excited to wear them. Let's see .. Hmm once the weather starts to cool down a bit and after we experience a series of drizzles and rain, this sweater will be my armada nonetheless. However, I imagine myself moving weirdly, avoiding dusty doors and stained walls to protect this sweater. It's supposed to be the other way around but look at how delicate it is.
Thank you FrontRow shop for the lovely surprise!
neoprene sweater c/o Frontrowshop


OUTFIT / Defying seasons

Defying nature can be quite a handful. The quizzical look when strangers ( including mama and papa ) saw me in this huge wrap cardicoat (cardigan + coat duh) . Not a wise move if you're gonna ask them since it's summer but I am not gonna let the sun burn my hands et al. I may look covered up but the shorts provided an outlet , a ventilation so I believe I'm doing fine. When I got the shoes , the first thing I asked myself is where to pair it with. Will I do a matchy matchy basic outfit or mix it with the avante stuff I have. Since, we're all seeing the clever "Celine" fledglings out there, I tried to juxtapose the cute shoes with my dark outfit- Part hipster x part Owens x part Celine... The poncho-ish wrap coat is so dramatic. Yes! We need more drama !

Happy Easter!!

coat - OAK nyc
raw edge shirt - Comax 
Shorts - Plus Minus Divide
shoes- Hongkong
Leather Backpack - Eastpak via MENLOOK.com