OUTFIT / Trikki Clothing

Screw summer! I have a lot of outerwears in my closet and I am keen in wearing them 'spite of myself and the summer sun.One great outerwear among those are my new TRIKKI zip jacket. I opted to wear it open, letting the triangular drapes fall beautifully in front. When zipped, it creates a biker jacket look which is perfect for a dressing up occasion. It was an ordinary day at the park and it was perfect with my mood. I'm all in love with grey. I'm thinking of wearing greys consistently but I'm skeptical in fear that I might ran out.
I have yet to reveal another way to wear this glorious jacket on my next succeeding posts. yes im quite addicted to them. Get the jacket here


Grey Revolution Jacket - Trikki  / shirt UNIQLO  / pants - Oxygen ph / Doc Marten's derbies