LIFE / Black Time

what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger - they say. i tell this to myself 10 times whenever  i feel petty day to day sufferings . in this case, wearing black layers against the sun. a self induced suffering i may say since the aesthetic outweighs the concerns . but wearing nice clothes became more fun with my man. Before , going out with friends triggers that "dressing up" excitatory behavior but with my man , it feels 10x more. we share clothes, we style each other, and we walk together like one. i styled Larrend's outfit , a product of my self frustration of being non waif thin and short. i felt a pang of jealousy when i saw  that clothes look better on him as he has an effortless body canvas. But with me it's a different story.


COLLECTION / Thomas Tait Pre-Fall 2014

Mutated basics. Amazing!
I would love to go inside Thomas' mind and witness how
he conceptualized each piece. 
His minimalist creations definitely have teeth in it like 
how the great Margiela did it.


LIFE / Family Trip

Mum and Papa treated me and Larrend for a rejuvenating massage. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon with no traffic and just our small car under the 3pm sun. It feels weird but I guess my parents are getting used with us kissing and hugging at the back of the car haha.


OUTFIT / Overshadowed

Welcoming the sudden climate change with my new vest courtesy of my bf's sister. I may be layering too much but I consider showing some flesh to undermine the subtle piling of layers. What I love about the strong hit of sun was the shadow plays that reveals a multi-dimensional planes in the background. The beauty of soft shadows versus the blinding light. My kind of visual feast right now.


Tailored vest / singlet - Gold Dot Apparel / paneled shorts - dept store / Y-3 skinny jeans / boots - local

photos by Larrend


FEATURE/ Your hair , it's everywhere

So I did a little contribution for YUCKZINE 's ( Bonnapart's magazine) H A I R issue . I interviewed my man, Larrend, being a bearded and hairy guy that he is. We've included intimate hairy photos of this boy too.  Bon launched the magazine last week and I love every bit of it. Im so looking forward for issue # 3. Congrats Yuckzine!


RUNWAY / New forms, new womenswear

I adore women who opt to wear tailored classics.
Not really the tomboy chic sort of dressing but
the androgyny that Kawakubo and Yamamoto exalted to the world
 and in this case Anderson's take on

It's not even androgyny. Deeper, more organic .
It's kinda multi-dimensional. It's menswear-ish but it sexualizes the women's form further.
Bordering between celebrating womenswear and shedding it's softness.
I love dissecting the elements: The coat with a big obi geisha-ish belt ,
 the tromp l'oeil bra sweater , the apron skirt .

The greatness of it all creates an array of newness to womenswear!


OUTFIT / Clean Couture

Inspired by Rad Hourani's 2013 Couture show where a model entered in big rectangular outerwear paired with big shorts and a square toe booties. I , for once, thought that couture looks are beyond, anti-mundane and almost a fantasy for someone like me who explores more on basic. But I'm grateful that the likes of Rad Hourani and Raf Simons provide us a tangible sort of couture. Something that would break that notion of crystal beads and 30 yards of fabric in a couture show. It's all in the details, they say and details can stretch from the ostentatious to the obscure..
For me details are the panels that overlaps and the unusual silhouettes that give birth to new forms .

coat and vest  : COS
shorts: Giordano
shoes: Bandolino


OUTFIT / Buttons up

I love white button downs.. it makes you polished, clean , dignified, earning... Real estate agents and credit card people would suddenly hand you fliers in the mall, yes , blame that white button down shirt. I have such high respect to this shirt. I once talked to my cousin who studied fashion design and how he expressed a very cuthroat experience in creating the very pattern of  basic button down shirt. Everything is calculated. Mathematics is applied. This Balenciaga shirt is everything! 

shirt - Balenciaga

photos by Larrend



Let's have all a quiet moment and marvel at the clean complex pieces
that is the creation of Rad Hourani for the RAD line.
Just in time too since I'm so in love with "wools" 
right now and RAD explained how 
perfect the wool is in summarizing 
the feel of his collection:
tender and strong, warm and light.
This designer can use any fabric of the day 
and still make it look hi-tech and flawless .

photos: nowfashion.com 


MUSIC / Digital Witness

Her new album SUBLIME is here! I'm completely blown away. I've always loved St Vincent since day 01 and all the more that her new single DIGITAL WITNESS was presented in a visual aesthetic that I truly love. I was surprised by her light grey hair and minimalist look ala Ivania Carpio save for the green Jil Sander-esque dress. Along with it is the tasteful  plot/ setting that would make you remember the minimalists Charlotte Perriand and John Pawson's work. Her haunting voice, automaton-like styling and postmodern music come together to conjure a social commentary about self-transparency and digital addictiveness..