OUTFIT / sleep outfit

We are  beginning to get a glimpse of the brave summer weather but thankfully we stayed at my boyfriend's house which has an AC unit. I have a love and hate feeling towards it. I crave for a good helping of cool air whenever I'm in a very hot place but too much aircon for me makes me uneasy so I enswathe my body with thick blankets. It stings my skin and I don't feel okay whenever the cool temp surrounds a room for long hence this glorious combo of grey sweater and my crepe pinstripe pants. I wasn't aware that this could be an outfit happening until my boyfriend snapped me a photo. No face cos faces aren't meant to be photographed  in the morning.
grey sweater - MONKI / crepe pinstripe pants - ZARA


  1. Awesome post!! Cool pics :) and nice outfit
    your blog it's awesome <3

  2. Looks super chill. Nice one.