OUTFIT / Biker

I have a thing with layering vests this month . The key is to combine pieces with different lengths and features. Each layer must be seen. Each must surface or else it will look like a lump of big black fabric.

Biker vest - Paradigm Shift / COS - vest / UNIQLO - skinny tailored / platform derbies - Jeffrey Campbell / Trendphile eyewear /Eastpak leather backpack courtesy of  MENLOOK

COLLABORATION / Trikki x Inkarlcerating

Doing an exciting  collab with TRIKKI , an online menswear brand from UK.
 I personally picked this grey jacket from their REVOLUTION collection. 
The versatility of this piece is beyond and I can't wait to share how I wore this.

I love the heather grey color mixed with the copper zip details.
The pieces are designed in London and crafted in Portugal.

follow them 


RUNWAY / Tailored meets Twisted

Maison Martin Margiela AW 14-15                                                         

The PVC craze is still on! 
I love how it stood out against the tailored pieces. 
I wish i could see and touch it personally. We all know how the cerebral flair of the 
MMM team works.
I need the model #!1's hair too...


SHOES / Robocop

We dropped by at Zara one week ago and I got these lovely cyborg boots. I wish they have it in black. Lucky for me it was on SALE and they have it in my size too. It was a funny experience because I was so excited and I rushed to the cashier right away, unbeknownst to me that the other pair is size 37. Grateful that the SA was helpful and she informed me otherwise I'd be bringing home an un-pair shoes. Still thinking of what to wear with these but I have tons of outfits in my head already.


OUTFIT / sleep outfit

We are  beginning to get a glimpse of the brave summer weather but thankfully we stayed at my boyfriend's house which has an AC unit. I have a love and hate feeling towards it. I crave for a good helping of cool air whenever I'm in a very hot place but too much aircon for me makes me uneasy so I enswathe my body with thick blankets. It stings my skin and I don't feel okay whenever the cool temp surrounds a room for long hence this glorious combo of grey sweater and my crepe pinstripe pants. I wasn't aware that this could be an outfit happening until my boyfriend snapped me a photo. No face cos faces aren't meant to be photographed  in the morning.
grey sweater - MONKI / crepe pinstripe pants - ZARA


COLLECTION / Doppleganger

M. Patmos Pre-Fall 2014                                                                                                      

De Ja Vu.Doppleganger.
I know in my heart hat I've worn or copped the same outfit .
Fave look from M. Patmos' Pre fall 2014 collection!


OUTFIT / Cold Monday

Wearing the shoes has a weird feel. It gives an odd posture but WEIRD is cool. Enjoying the lightweight coat from MUJI. It's reversible too. I've been contemplating whether to wear the grey one but the navy won since it goes nicely with my navy bag. i'm sorry for being a matchy-matchy victim.
MUJI coat (old) / BCBG pants / Deandri shoes / Miki House bag / Cabane de Zucca vest



New favorite plastic eyewear that completes the look in an instant! Found it in a local dept store.


LIFE / Vday everyday

I thought that we will be celebrating Valentine's day on SKYPE but Larrend bought a plane ticket and there we had our first Vday celebration together! Actually we celebrated it 3 days prior Vdays but it's an everyday thing for us anyway. When I woke up that morning, there was a present , a heart shaped chocolate and roses made of white tissue( which i really love!)

Now i know what it feels like to celebrate this love day with a super boyfriend! But Love is love and the most important thing is you have the freedom to express it with a "someone". Thanks baby for making me feel like I'm the most beautiful thing in this planet!

LIFE / get a room

and so we did...
my man has always been welcome at our house whenever he visits but we opted to stay in one of the coziest hotels in Manila. This way we could roam around the metro with ease because I live up north and commuting takes a toll on us (traffic, expensive cab fares, waste of time) . We stayed in the hotel for a couple of days drinking wine, eating a whole cake, singing songs, watching The Walking Dead, taking countless photos ... Simple joys!

Today is V-days and honestly in my 26 years of existence, this is the first time I've experienced Vday with a boyfriend. Vday is kinda not a biggie for me though but when you have someone to share love with, it's like Christmas!


RUNWAY / The cold doesn't bother me anyway

The Row AW 2014                               

The kind of womenswear + runway  i yearn for: 
boyish , tailored, big outerwears caught in walking poses.
Warm Luxe brought to you by the amazing Olsen twins.
The generous proportions of shorts and coats are perfect!
Minimalism done by the Olsens is something
 to be respected and taken seriously.

**Now i need grey socks omg i've been missing a lot!

OUTFIT / Three sizes bigger

Hey I'm back from a 2 week vacay with my man.I can't wait to share our photos together but first an outfit post! . Here's a secret: the bigger bottoms you wear, the smaller your body becomes. Optical Illusion.  The watcher's eyes get transfixed immediately to objects that appear bigger , in this case, the shorts. Plus a little help from my boots to fool you, guys , that I'm a tad over 5'7" .  Quantity (numbers) is important too.

oversized zip shirt - COS / School boy shorts -Giordano  / Choies boots