RUNWAY / J.W.A. = Just Wear Anything

A great designer is someone who is able to create strong dialogues between his vision and elements that would later on (or immediately) become remarkable in the fashion history. JW Anderson is consistently building his realm ( cult, trends, branding) and with every review I read, there's an element that he triumphantly creates this unrelenting buzz and excitement to everyone. I never knew a unisex designer apart from Rad Hourani who has been a great advocate in keeping the gender-bender discipline he preaches until Anderson released a  strong menswear  collection in 2012 ! J.W. Anderson is  visionaire that  stresses the importance of creating in a non-gender basis. Just Wear Anything!! To me he is like the Phoebe of menswear. Unpredictable yet consistent! 

Apron, hi necks, platform derbies.. i like that the bag made the look mundane x domestic.

spine revealing sweaters. new erotic area introduced by JW!

quriky and playful accessories which reverberate minimalism still

photos : stylebubble / HERO magazine / style.com  / dazed digital 


  1. I've been loving his work lately, that white turtleneck from a/w 2013 has been on my mind a lot :D

    1. thanks duckalicious.. i wish the weather here would permit me to enjoy the lavish turtlenecks.. i want the shoes though!!! and the masking tape cuffs