OUTFIT / Cleanimalism

Clean clothes . Clean hair. Clean shoes. Clean teeth. Clean skin. Clean fingernails. It's so hard being clean. Sometimes, it feels like a challenging chore that it's becoming pretentious ( forgive my words). But like it or not, Hygiene comes first! I've worn the grungiest of grunge and I can still wear  distressed pants or diy boots but donning a refreshing minimal palette is like  detox. Like a glass of water after devouring a bottle of Coke. It's about being presentable and enjoying the sense of it.

I love the idea of wearing this bag over my neck..

leather sling bag- the Leather Co. / white sweater - topshop / skirt - Costume National / pants - ASOS / Boots - DIY


  1. Love, I feel the exact same way, I consider my dress style to be grunge some days and the next formal minimalistic. Its a weird combination considering that grunge is thrown on and this minimalistic fashion is very clean and organized. Love it.

    1. thanks so much... being minimal and organized defines maturity and taste level i guess.. it's a growth that i think is inevitable .. thanks

  2. Nice*
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    Greetings <3